Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lost and reconstructed.

On the upside now of rebuilding my data archive, I'm once feeling a drive to work on this project.

All information I had put together was lost in a computer crash. Source GIS mxd files, shapefiles, scanned images, library research and notes--every trace of the work I had been doing--evaporated in an instant.

Living here surrounded by reminders, every day I notice, inspect, explore and mentally catalog signs of history. The trip through Boulder Canyon is impossible for me to travel without recognizing signs of its early construction.

But I've not done anything but think and explore for a long time. Now I'm ready to write, record and chronicle the rich history I live with.

This time I'm locating these data on a network drive (1) and (2)backing them up. Like everyone always says to do.

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