Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How about Durango?

Now that I've seen Georgetown, my appetite has been whetted for some other adventures.

There's the cog railway up Pike's Peak, running Swiss-made diesel-electrics on a 9-mile course to the top of what's billed as America's Mountain.

But much more to my interest is the steam-powered narrow gauge at Durango. Well, at least they claim to be coal-fired and steam-powered.

The Polar Express sounds fun.

Though this is the Real Deal.

Oh yeah, there's the Cripple Creek & Victor, for next spring.

And it might be fun next time we're in the collegiate peaks area to take a look at the ROW of the old Denver, South Park & Pacific, and some of the sights in Leadville.

Heck, the Narrow Gauge Circle claims a path by rail through a thousand miles of the Colorado Rockies.
The Narrow Gauge Circle is based on an early day travel package offered by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. The original "Around the Circle" tour was offered to bolster passenger revenues on the many narrow gauge lines in Colorado. The tour was in incredibly popular destination for many early day adventurers.

I think I've dipped my toe into another world here. It puts the Switzerland Trail of America into an important perspective. What a terrible neglect of an important local historical and cultural icon.

Oh, wait. How about the Cumbres & Toltec? It looks like a definite. 

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