January 25, 2007

The Switzerland Trail today.

Talk to someone who says they've been on the Switzerland Trail of America today, this is the section they are referring to. It's the only section identified on trail maps, clearly identified with signage, and the one available through web search.

Indirectly, of course, it was my introduction to this project. Eleven years ago when I was assisting with FRRD--Front Range Rescue Dogs--in preparation for Conor O'Neill, a training day was scheduled "at the Switzerland Trail." Come Saturday morning there was no one to call to find out where the ST is. Doing what I do best, I went to Boulder Public Library to inquire. About the closest anyone knew was "somewhere up Sugarloaf Road."

The only thing I could locate was a little settlement area down in a ravine called Switzerland Park. It was a serene little valley posted everywhere with Private Property signs, a world apart from the hubbub of city life in Boulder--and most definitely not associated in any discernible way with "the Switzerland Trail."

On that morning I never did locate the FRRD group. But I sure got curious about finding the Switzerland Trail.

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