February 10, 2019

History hiding--but deeper.

After her years of service, No 30 shows her age.
It takes a bit more digging to reveal this history, but it's there, nonetheless.

In an earlier post we shared our discovery of the abutment for the bridge spanning Boulder Creek, long ago buried by overgrowth.
The bridge over Boulder Creek.

If we continue to the ROW just over the bridge and the turn west, we discover an odd angle to a subdivision lane.
The fence along the south side and the property lines on the north side converge in a trapezoid configuration.
The angle here is revealed clearly in the county parcel data base as in exact alignment with the right-of-way for the narrow gauge railroad from a century ago.
Arapahoe Lane today. Switzerland Trail of America yesterday.
Perhaps one day I'll knock on a door or two and inquire: Are you aware you're living along an historic route?

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